La Milpa Food Tours was started in 2016 to showcase the incredible array of delicacies and food spaces that Mexico City has to offer.  La Ciudad de México is a melting pot of regional cooking and innovative street food creations making it an ideal place for locals and tourists alike to explore.  With the endless street stands offering an array of corn antojitos fresh off the comal  to the neighborhood markets filled to brim with fresh produce, the food in this city is never ending.  

Needless to say, Mexico City can be overwhelming to anyone interested in exploring the best off the beaten path food spots.  Our curated tours will help you eat your way through neighborhoods and markets so that you end up with a variety of Mexican delicacies under your belt, a satisfied belly and a better understanding of Mexican food and culture.

The word milpa comes from the Nahuatl word milpan, and refers to the ancient mesoamerican technique of growing corn, a Mexican staple. Today the tradition of la milpa continues throughout Mexico’s countrysides where its products are transported to local markets. The markets are at the center of Mexico’s day-to-day life and serve as a meeting point for farmers, food vendors, business owners and home cooks and the city´s food stands are where the fruits of the milpa are served up as quick, cheap eats for hungry locals.

We are currently offering three tours: Mercado Jamaica Market Tour,  San Rafael Neighborhood Taco Tour, We Want Beer Tour and our tours will be English, although the guides are also fluent in Spanish. Keep an eye out for our upcoming events! All are welcome!