“I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this food tour. Let me state that I thought I knew Mexican food but I was completely wrong. The three hour tour of the market complete with multiple stops at different food vendors really opened my eyes to the diversity of traditional Mexican food. I honestly lost count at the number of vendors we visited where we actually sat down to eat. I would guess it was between 7-9. I met Liz in Condesa at a coffee house that was incredibly easy to find and well served by public transportation. On our way to the market, Liz gave me a run down of what markets mean to the citizens of Mexico and what I could expect to see and do and experience. The market is located directly at a metro stop so it made going there from the meeting point very easy. The market itself is much larger than I could have imagined and I am glad I decided to meet the tour at the meeting place as opposed to meeting at the market. Liz really knows her market history and it was simply fascinating to have her explain it. She was also amazing at taking questions. It felt more like I was with a dear friend than on a tour. One thing to note…they tell you to come with an empty stomach…well if I may add to that…since the tour began at 4:00 pm you can skip lunch because you will need an empty stomach because all the food is included in the price of the tour and there is more than a mountain of it. The pace of the tour was leisurely and the market itself was easy to traverse. The best part was the next day! Liz and Dominque send you a PDF file with all the food that you ate complete with pictures. WOW! Just WOW! I was able to share the PDF with friends and now they are all making plans to do the tour when they are in Mexico City as well. Thanks again to Liz and Dominque for this once in a lifetime culinary experience.

James DePolo

“On visiting Mexico City, I was lucky enough to get the chance to tour the Jamaica Market with Liz from La Milpa Food Tours. While visiting the market on my own would have been fascinating in its own right, Liz’s boundless knowledge both of Mexican food and ingredients and of this market in particular made it an especially interesting and delicious experience. She took me to corners of the market I never would have found on my own and got me to taste things I never would have thought to try: tacos with chorizo verde, huaraches (which I found out hail from this market), and a very refreshing and tasty fermented pineapple drink called tepache. Beyond the food, you’ll explore the labyrinthine and fragrant flower market filled with some of the most over-the-top arrangements you can imagine, among many other things. Can’t recommend this market tour more highly!”

Beryl Gilothwest

We recently went on a fantastic tour of Mercado Jamaica with Liz who was a brilliant tour guide. She took us to all the best food stands where we ate a variety of tasty local food and drank some lovely fermented pineapple juice, which is a must try for everyone! Liz was also able to give us the history of the market and tell us lots of interesting facts about the the different food we were eating. Another bonus to this tour is that the market is not over crowded with other tourists and it feels very local. The market in itself is bright and colourful, with lots of exotic fruit and beautiful flowers. I highly recommend La Milpa food tours if you want an authentic feel of the city.”

Ruth Carr

“We had a relaxed, nourishing, and incredible visual experience on our tour at Mercado Jamaica. Liz, our tour guide, shared a variety of ‘first time ever’ food items we had never had and her knowledge of local ingredients, food preparation, and customs. A plus is the follow up information she sent with photos and descriptions of the items we ate so we could recognize them in the future. A ‘must do’ when you’re in Mexico City.”

Joey Sylvester